KMH Editing



My mission is to help writers to refine their work for the clearest and most precise expression of their craft. Where needed, I also offer my expertise in navigating the complexities of the publishing world.

I ground my editing work in three principles:

  1. Clarity — Whether your work is a novel, non-fiction, poetry, or a children’s story, your goal as a writer is to clearly express a thought or convey information. I can help you weed out unnecessary words and build strong, direct arguments, or help characters stand out in three dimensions.

  2. Precision — The vast resources of the English language offer many ways to say the same thing, but there is often one way that says it best. I can help you to find the right words at the right time. I am also your guide to correct grammar–the complex rules of language and punctuation are tools to ensure that your writing says exactly what you mean it to say.

  3. Craft — Like the printing tradition from which it grew, editing combines attention to detail, artistic sensibility, and reverence for the materials in a proud craft tradition. A good editor has an eye for the particular, but never loses sight of the whole. Where editorial craft meets authorial craft, I strive to support and polish writing without altering the writer’s unique voice.

“If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant, and what ought to be done remains undone.”