Editing Services

I offer several different types of editing. Definitions vary from editor to editor, and even from work to work. I break my services down as follows:

Manuscript development is a collaborative process in which I help a writer to develop an idea into a completed work. It can include elements of author coaching, substantive editing, and research in order to guide the writer to a final product. It typically involves several meetings over an extended period of time.

Substantive editing helps an author to expand and deepen a work. I offer a rigorous evaluation of elements of structure, argument, plot, theme, character, and other basic elements of writing. This intense examination of a work typically results in two or more revisions and extensive queries to the author, usually accompanied by editorial meetings.

Copy or line editing is a line-by-line review of a piece of writing. I correct spelling and grammar, suggest ways to enhance clarity, and point out potential infelicities of language in a work. I also check for consistency in things such as number usage, citations, and chronology, and also do fact-checking where appropriate. This thorough review helps the writer to produce the clearest and strongest work possible.

Proofreading is the final polish before a work goes to typesetting or the printer. I check spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as well as consistency of design in finished pages. Proofreading can also mean the comparison of page proofs to an edited manuscript.

Copywriting is the creation of text, especially for use in promoting a book or author. I write press releases, summaries and other cover text, website text, and other custom pieces.

Manuscript review is a response to a work from the perspective of a reader and editor. I read your manuscript and prepare a report on its strengths and weaknesses, especially with regard to its degree of readiness for submission to agents or publishing houses.

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